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"How Can Home Physiotherapy Help Alleviate Low Back Pain?"

Updated: May 29

While about 60%-70% of the adult population worldwide experience low back pain at some point in their lives, low back pain is not necessarily caused by age.

There are many possible causes for low back pain, including slipped discs, spondylolisthesis and muscle spasms. Even though age can be a contributing factor for some of these causes, many are still treatable and the pain does not have to be permanent.

Why would I need a Physiotherapist?

The body is a complex combination of muscles, ligaments, nerves etc. Any, or a combination of them, can be the cause of your low back pain. A physiotherapist will be able to assess you based on your reported symptoms and a physical examination to find out what is causing your low back pain.

How does a Physiotherapist treat my Low Back Pain?

After diagnosing the cause of your low back pain, your physiotherapist will then use a combination of joint mobilization, soft tissue release and rehabilitative exercises to help you manage your pain.

Rehabilitative exercises are exercises that target the structures that are causing pain. They should be done in the dosage that your physiotherapist has prescribed for you. In cases where your physiotherapist determines that your pain comes from your working habit, ergonomic advice will be given to you as well.

How frequent do I need to attend the physio session?

Depending on the cause, severity and duration that you have had low back pain for, treatment can take from a week to several months. Throughout the course of your treatment, your physiotherapist will discuss your goals with you and alter your treatment to suit them. Whether your goal is pain management, walking further or returning to sports, do not be shy in letting your physiotherapist know as this will help them better tailor their treatment plan for you.

Should I see a doctor or a physiotherapist first?

If you are having a severe back pain that a) does not go away and/or b) hurts in every direction you move, you should visit a doctor immediately. In the event where you experience mild or moderate low back pain for a few weeks, it would be helpful to see a physiotherapist to start treatment early.

Do feel free to talk to one of our physiotherapists about your low back pain today at 8892 0350.


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