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Stroke Rehabilitation

Updated: May 29

Stroke rehabilitation is essential to facilitate a good recovery once your condition is deemed medically stable.

In The Rehab Studio, we provide both home rehabilitation and clinic rehabilitation to facilitate your stroke recovery.

Why Home Rehabilitation with us?


Every stroke is unique but strokes tend to affect people in some common ways. In most of the time, their ability to move about. With The Rehab Studio, our physiotherapists will visit your house or any of your choice of location (example: assisted home) to conduct your rehabilitation sessions, so that you don't have to worry about travelling down to our clinic.


Hospital is a specifically designed facilities with many trained professionally to care for those who are sick and facilitate their recovery. However, your house and your care giver(s) are not. For your first few home physiotherapy sessions, our experienced physiotherapists will conduct a home assessment and care giver training sessions in your living environment.

Home assessment is aimed to identify the potential risk factors that might hinder your recovery or increase your fall risk, followed by recommendation to either modify them or adapt to them.

Care giver training done in your living environment also add confident to yourself, as well as your care giver while caring for your daily living.

Home Exercises

The recovery potential of a stroke patient is largely depends on his/her exercise routine and exercise intensity. Rehabilitation intensity of once or twice a week is not ideal for maximum recovery, and we always aim to have as much as possible.

With home physiotherapy session, our physiotherapists will design effective personalized exercises that can be done at in your living environment with the use of your furniture and tools at home. In addition, these exercises will also be taught to your care giver(s), so that they can also practice with you outside of your physiotherapy sessions.

Home Integration

Different from home exercises, home integration is the application of home exercises. Home integration aims translate your improvement to functional and meaningful activities in you daily living.

Home Integration aims to practice daily living tasks with the stroke survivors, for example: getting up from the bed, walking to the toilet, making a simple breakfast, simple gardening, and so on.

Who should go for clinic rehabilitation?

Our clinic come with a full-equipped gym, a rehab gym, Pilates equipment, ultrasound machine, electrical stimulation, and shower facilities

High Function Stroke Survivor

With the benefits of the facilities above, high function stroke survivors (for example, those who are able to walk independently, who plan or have returned to work, who want or plan to return to sports, and so on) are able to explore a wider range of rehabilitation treatment to meet their needs.

For example: An ex-tennis player who wish to return to play tennis; high balance training with our balance training equipment; someone who keen to pick up resistance training to stay health.

Most importantly, our physiotherapists are always ready to discuss you recovery goal with you, and achieve the goal together with our wide range of physiotherapy services.

If you keen to find out more, feel free to give us a call for a free tele-consultation to discuss your plan.

Home Integration where our physiotherapist perform ADL training with a stroke survivor.

5 years chronic stroke patient who managed to walk after one year of home rehabilitation with Physio Gan

Actual home physiotherapy session with a client who did his first stair climbing from 11 floor to 1 floor and climb back up! Client consented for this video.

Electrical Stimulation for hand recovery.


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