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Hand Rehabilitation with Technology "SynPhNe"

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Loss of hand function is one of the major concerns for those recovering from medical conditions such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, or traumatic hand injury.

Some of the factors limiting an optimal recovery are:

  • lack of high intensity, targeted rehab exercises

  • tendency to forget exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist or occupational therapist

  • low exercise compliance

  • lack of real time feedback on exercise performance when carrying out without the presence of the therapist

To ensure a better recovery journey for our patients, The Rehab Studio adopts the use of technology to target these limiting factors. SynPhNe is a wearable device that helps its users to improve their hand function, fine motors skills and functional independence. Check out the video below for a better understand of this device.

Summary of this program:

  1. Our physiotherapist will conduct an initial assessment to make sure that the patients will truly benefit from this device.

  2. Discussion and setting of goal(s) setting with the patients and their family members.

  3. Initial set up and training by the trainer from SynPhNe.

  4. Start the hand rehabilitation program with SynPhNe.

  5. Physiotherapist conduct session to translate the improvement from SyhPhNe training to daily task, making the improvement sustainable.

  6. Review the goal(s).

Wish to know more about this hand rehabilitation program? Feel free to call us at 8892 0350 for further discussion.


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