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Why Home Physiotherapy with Us?

Updated: May 29

Home physiotherapy was initially started as a rehab service that caters to those who have difficulty travelling to the clinic.

However, with our years of experience as a physiotherapist, we found that home physiotherapy is more than just saving you the hassle of travelling to the clinic and recovering in the comfort of your home.

With The Rehab Studio, your home physiotherapy session will cover 3 main components, Home Integration, Home Exercise, and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) – related training, and of course other boring components that you usually see during your physiotherapy session in the clinic setting.

Home integration is a treatment approach that focuses on translating patients’ ongoing functional improvement into their daily living, in a safe manner. One of the major limiting factors of patients’ improvement is “overhelping” from the caregivers or their family members, out of the concerns of the task being too strenuous or unsafe for the patients. However, stopping the patients from performing their daily tasks will put the patients at risk of further deconditioning. Hence, with home integration, our physiotherapists assess their patients’ physical improvement regularly, follow by training their caregivers and family members on how to avoid overhelping, while keeping the task safe for the patients. By doing this, we can expose our patients to a living environment that stimulates their physical improvement, even without the presence of our physiotherapists.

Secondly, home exercise is useful to help our patients remain active outside of their physiotherapy sessions. While many of the home exercises taught in the clinic setting require equipment and set-up which are potentially hard to come by at the patients’ house, home exercises taught during the home physiotherapy session utilize furniture that is readily available at the patients’ house. Many of our patients and their caregivers also feedback that it is much easier for them to remember the exercises, and feel more confident to do them while these exercises are being taught in the home setting. This helps our patients to be more compliant with their home exercises, which in turn, helps them to improve faster.

Lastly, activities of daily living (ADL)-related training. Physiotherapy sessions in the clinic can be boring if the sessions are only focused on repetitive and yet, not meaningful movements (even though these movements are beneficial). To make the home physiotherapy sessions with us more stimulating, our physiotherapists always incorporate ADL-related training into the home physiotherapy sessions, as much as possible. For example: walking to the kitchen to pour yourself a cup of coffee, getting down to the floor to play with your dog, preparing a simple meal for your family members, a trip to the nearby hawker to buy lunch, or for patients with good recovery, a short journey to nearby wet market by bus, and so on. Basically, to incorporate things that they enjoy doing into their home physiotherapy sessions with us and make their home physiotherapy session less “torturing”.

If you have other questions or wish to arrange a session with our physiotherapists, feel free to call us at 8892 0350 to arrange for a free tele-consultation with us.


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